Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Great Can Caper

Hello...Let the fundraising begin. In order to reach my goal of going to Italy, I need to raise some money...lots of money! From time to time I will be announcing opportunities for my friends and family to support me. I promise I won't pressure, just inform. You decide when and if you can help.
This first one won't really cost you much. All I'm asking is that everyone save their returnable bottles and cans for me. Collect a bag, call me up and we will arrange a day and time to pick them up. You can also call, e-mail or facebook my mom, nana or aunt.
Ciao, Paige.
(Stay tuned for don't want to miss your chance to order your holiday pies)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Italy Here I Come...With Your Help

Hi...This is Paige's Auntie Sue...from time to time you will be seeing blog postings from me, Paige, Paige's mom and maybe even her Nana. The reason for this blog is that Paige has been given the opportunity to go to Italy in August with her school. This blog will help to keep all her family and friends updated on her progress towards her goal of fundraising and different opportunities you will all have to support her. As this is our first time blogging, please be patient with us. Thanks/ Ciao.